Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Caribbean Plasticmed

We are specialized on medical tourism, receiving patients from all over the world; as Cozumel is an international destination where cruise ships from all over the world dock. We enjoy having international patients and giving them the best service they can receive in a high-level hospital.

Moreover, Cozumel is a safe city, with only a 34,17 crime index, similar as Sidney, Australia, which is consider a low level of criminality. Below cities such as Singapur, Singapur, Düsselford, Germany,Vancouver, Canadá, Boise, Idaho or Honolulu, Hawaii.

Cozumel is a paradiasic island which will give you the pleasure to enjoy the sea and have a pleaseant recovery.

Every year, tourist head to destinations that can offer both a great holiday getaway and the opportunity to receive high-level medical care.



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